Ask yourself, "What would happen to my sports performance if I could double my brain power?" 

As an athlete, you're training your skills, pushing your body, fueling with high quality foods, and getting as much rest and recovery as possible. 

Yet maybe you're still struggling to make gains and perform consistently when you need to. 

That's because I reckon you're making the #1 mistake most athletes make when it comes to making diligent efforts to improve their game. How would I know? 

Well, I've coached and trained athletes from around the world, and in Cairns and most people just don't do this... because they're not training with me!  


Client's feature in the media: Tom Berzinski, pre-elite footballer. 

The #1 thing athletes fail to do to reach their ultimate performance levels: concerted, consistent and challenging efforts to improve the health and function of their brains.


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My name is Rob Gronbeck, BPsych(hons) and I welcome you to The Brain Room website.

If you're a professional or aspiring professional athletes looking to smash through plateaus and achieve your ultimate personal best in your sport, nice to meet you, I hope you benefit from some of the content I've featured here.

Ask yourself these questions:

- Do you experience moments in your sport where it all feels to fast for you?
- Do you have moments when you feel overly agitated or anxious and cannot calm down?
- Are you frustrated with your current level of performance and feeling hopeless?
- Are you failing to get a return on investment in your training efforts?
- Is your performance inconsistent and you don't know why?
- Do you feel like your emotions are stopping you from achieving your goals?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, The Brain Room is for you. 

At The Brain Room, we exist to provide athlete accelerator programs for professional and aspiring professional athletes so they can switch on, remain cool, and stay driven so they can become the dominant force in their sport.

We believe many athletes are not tapping into the power of the brain and when they invest in develolping their cognitive, emotional and motivational regions of their brains they begin to truly find flow and high performance in the sporting arena. This also allows them to bust through plateaus, avoid burnout, and experience more rapid improvement in less time.


I'm the Chief Performance Operator at The Brain Room and lead all our athlete performance accelerators.

From working with 100's of athletes, the top four challenges I find time and time again are:

1. Unable to maintain focus and concentration

2. Unable to maintain composure

3. Unable to maintain drive

4. Unable to bounceback from setbacks

Flow is the state where we feel at our best and perform at our best and when focus, composure, drive and resilience are suboptimal our ability to get in the zone of flow severely diminish.

When our clients optimise these four elements of peak performance they:

1. Make better decisions in the heat of the moment

2. Can remain mindful and calm despite the score board or opponent

3. Remain goal and outcome oriented

4. Feel fresher, more energetic and fulfilled in their sport.

In 2014 I was the first person in Australia to adopt Neurotracker, a 3D brain changing performance technology.

I've facilitated 7500+ sessions with 250+ athletes from Basketball Australia, Australian Kendo, Northern Pride, FNQ Heat, Australian Motorcross, Cairns Hockey, Cairns Volleyball, and multiple individual athletes, I'm grateful to be recognised as a leader in perceptual-cognitive training in the world.

I have presented my research at national and state psychology conferences, for The Flow Genome Project at the 1440 Multiversity, received an academic medal from James Cook University.

From 2017 - 2019 I wrote a newspaper column for the Cairns Post called ‘The Mental Edge.’

Rob in action with the Flow Genome Project