Welcome to The Brain Room website. The Brain Room was created by Rob Gronbeck, BPsych(hons) as a response to the lack of treatment options in Far North Queensland for brain injuries, concussions, and brain based conditions like Parkinson's. 

Using scienctific findings from the past 30 years of intensive research, The Brain Room offers evidence based treatment options to REPAIR injured, damaged and declining brains. 

By harnessing these incredible scientific findings and combining them with state of the art technologies, we are more able than ever to rebuild broken brains. The brains capacity to heal, regenerate and adapt is unparalelled, and is known as NEUROPLASTICITY. 

All Brain Room services and programs are designed and facilitated to help heal the brain, stimulate and switch on key areas of the brain required for everyday living, and enable a greater quality of life for those who are suffering from brain injury, concussion or cognitive decline. 

Our services and programs can be accessed by anyone including students struggling with focus, athletes in a rut, performance anxiety, but our mission is largely centred and focused on helping those in our community troubled with brain trauma or disease. 


Want to know more about who we are and what we stand for a The Brain Room? Here's a recent interview Danae Jones, from Danae TV, with founder, Rob Gronbeck, BPsych(hons).


Rob wearing the VieLight brain stimulation device at the Transformative Technology Conference, in Nov 2019. The device emits pulrsed red and infrared light to key regions of the brain to stimulate healing, growth, connectivity, and neuroplasticity. 

I'm Rob Gronbeck, BPsych(hons), and my life has been impacted by brains and when they go wrong. Starting with my mother who suffered from trigeminal neuralgia (uncontrolled facial pain) for a decade, until Dr Gooma, a renowned neurosurgeon, was able to fix it. 

Even more personally, when I was 19 I suffered a drug induced psychosis, and while asleep I awoke, attacked my family while asleep and was rushed to the emergency ward as the delusions persisted. Thankfully it was over as quickly as it began, but it taught me the importance of taking care of my brain, and what could happen if I didn't. 

A series of concussions as a child, being attacked from behind as a teenager, then falling out of a 3-metre trailer, head first, in my 20s, I received no post-recovery treatment at all. This damage resulted in an anxious, terrified and neurotic prone brain, to which I've been able to repair. Thankfully I had a stable family, mentors, and friends to help me through. Yet it wasn't until completing my Honours in Psychology degree and got into private practice that I found technologies to help the brain, not just "the mind" and how we think.   

I have personally worked with clients with severe brain injuries, Parkinson's, stroke, cognitive decline (early onset dementia), burnout, depression and trauma, as well as athletes who have gone on to become Australian Champions, International Representatives, World Championship medalists, and much more.

I love my town, my family, friends, and community and aim to save as many people from the trauma of living with a damaged brain, reduce the severity of symptoms, and enhance their quality of life. 


Brain Room enquiries can be made by clicking on this BLUE SCHEDULE BUTTON, by calling 0405245608, or email info@thebrainroom.com.au 

Schedule your 15-minute pre-assessment call. This is a NO-COST call, and you will be given a recommendation whether support may be useful for you. 

Thsoe who are self-funded NDIS are encouraged to apply.