How to make 2020 your BEST season EVER!

2019 is gone, all the scoreboards and ladders have been erased, and 2020 is a new blank slate. An opportunity to develop into the athlete you've always wanted and envisioned in your deepest and most cherished imaginings.

Despite setbacks, losses and failures, you've still got that hunger to compete, to strive, and overcome the challenges you face in yourself, and in the sporting arena.

This preseason Accelerator program is your opportunity to become the athlete you've always wanted to be, and feel as confident as you've ever felt about your fitness, health and focus levels.

This Preseason Performance Accelerator is for pre-elite, elite representative and professional athletes seeking a mental edge on their competition, knowing others are also putting in dedicated preseason preparation programs to make sure they achieve their goals.

A 3 month, high performance program designed to prepare team sport athletes for the 2020 season, and arm you with:

  • greater endurance
  • stamina
  • repeat sprint ability
  • wider peripheral vision
  • greater ability to reset after setbacks
  • maintain composure while everything is moving and running at 100 miles per hour.

Knowing you've put in an incredible 3 months of preseason training in the Altitude Chamber and Brain Room will mean you'll no longer fear going too hard, or worrying about when the game gets close and you need your brain to make accurate and fast decisions.

You'll be able to turn off that doubting voice as you'll have done the work to be fitter and more in flow than you have ever been.

This is the greatest opportunity to train like the pros, in the most efficient program we've ever designed. 2 hours per week for 20%-35% gains in endurance, and 100%-250% gains in focus & visual processing speed.

That has been our client's experience of training at Altitude and Cognitive-Perceptually, that they perform better, for longer, and outlast and outperform their previous bests, and others.

But this time, doing both at the same time, we're expecting EVEN BIGGER AND BETTER results for those who make the commitment to this program.

Time commitment is 4 x 30 min sessions per week,

  • 2 x 30 min training sessions Cairns Altitude Training.English St, Manunda
  • 2 x 30 min training sessions The Brain Room, Grafton St, Cairns City

It will be demanding, grueling, and rewarding both in terms of the gains you will get training with us, but also the successes you'll experience in your chosen team sport. The time is now, so register your intake interview, email or call 0405245608.

Or you can do nothing, and "think about it."

But if you've read this far, I doubt that is what your heart and mind and gut is telling you to do. So go, book your interview, and let's do this! 2020 look out!!

"As a semi-professional athlete I've spent years training my body, it wasn't until Rob introduced me to his neuro tracking system that I really considered the benefits of training our brains too. After a few months with Rob I was able to see statistical improvements in my game and was much more aware of my mental capacity to concentrate during times of high stress and fatigue. Above all it was great fun. Highly challenging and easily related to basketball which made it all the more beneficial. It's definitely a program I would recommend to any athlete." - Gabriella Turner, QBL Dolphins

Want to know more about who we are and what we stand for a The Brain Room? Here's a recent interview Danae Jones, from Danae TV, with founder, Rob Gronbeck, BPsych(hons).

I'm Rob Gronbeck, BPsych(hons), and my vision is to create a space and place where people could develop their mental, emotional and cognitive abilities and created The Brain Room. 

I would call myself an applied neuroscientist-practitioner who coaches athletes, students and professionals to higher levels of cognitive and emotional intelligence and function.

I have personally worked with athletes who have gone on to become Australian Champions, International Representatives, World Championship medalists, and much more.

I have been sought out by organisations to share my knowledge on how to train the brain for greater focus, composure and flow using cognitive training, neuro-biofeedback and brain stimulation devices.

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To contact me for any speaking, media, DIY Brain Room enquiries or if you live in Cairns, Australia, to find out if The Brain Room may be a useful addition to your health and wellness lifestyle, then click on the button to schedule a 15 minute discovery call with me, Rob.