“I have been going to Rob at The Brain Room and working with his training program to work on my peripheral vision for a number of months now.

There are many exercises to do whilst working with the system and I can’t thank him enough for the work he’s done and the improvement I’ve made. 

I recommend everyone to get onto him and try it out too!”

-- Jackson Richardson, 2 x Australian Motocross Champion

Ask yourself, "What would happen to my sports performance if I trained my brain as diligently as I train my body and my sporting skills?" 

As an athlete, you're training your skills, pushing your body, fueling with high quality foods, and getting as much rest and recovery as possible. 

Yet maybe you're still struggling to make gains and perform consistently when you need to. 

That's because I reckon you're making the #1 mistake most athletes make when it comes to making diligent efforts to improve their game. How would I know? 

Well, I've coached and trained athletes from around the world, and in Cairns and most people just don't do this... because they're not training with me!  


Client's feature in the media: Tom Berzinski, pre-elite footballer. 

The #1 thing athletes fail to do to reach their ultimate performance levels: concerted, consistent and challenging efforts to improve the health and function of their brains.

"Very knowledgeable instructor who tailors each session to meet the needs of your sport (mine is Kendo!).

Fun and exciting and I am seeing a difference in my mental ability to anticipate movements of my opponent and score points.

An excellent opportunity for sporting enthusiasts or aspiring professional athletes!"

Dale Padoin, Cairns, (Bronze World Championship Medallist, Australian Kendo Team)

"As a semi-professional athlete I've spent years training my body, it wasn't until Rob introduced me to his brain training system that I really considered the benefits of training our brains too.

After a few months with Rob I was able to see statistical improvements in my game and was much more aware of my mental capacity to concentrate during times of high stress and fatigue. Above all it was great fun.

Highly challenging and easily related to basketball which made it all the more beneficial. It's definitely a program I would recommend to any athlete."

-- Gabrielle Turner, Bendigo (basketball, Cairns Dolphins)

"I trained with Rob for a couple of months . I did more than 50 sessions and the program was helpful in some areas of my chosen sport ; football /soccer.

The program increased my mental awareness, focus and game reading. Decisions become fast processed as you advance with the program and it all starts getting easier.

The game slowed down. I don't know why more people don't do this!

A great program to do."

-- MJ Nkiwane, Cairns, (soccer, FNQ Heat Striker)



My name is Rob Gronbeck, BPsych(hons) and I welcome you to The Brain Room website.

If you're a professional or aspiring professional athletes looking to smash through plateaus and achieve your ultimate personal best in your sport, nice to meet you, I hope you benefit from some of the content I've featured here.

Ask yourself these questions:

- Do you experience moments in your sport where it all feels to fast for you?
- Do you have moments when you feel overly agitated or anxious and cannot calm down?
- Are you frustrated with your current level of performance and feeling hopeless?
- Are you failing to get a return on investment in your training efforts?
- Is your performance inconsistent and you don't know why?
- Do you feel like your emotions are stopping you from achieving your goals?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, The Brain Room is for you. 

At The Brain Room, we exist to provide athlete accelerator programs for professional and aspiring professional athletes so they can switch on, remain cool, and stay driven so they can become the dominant force in their sport.

We believe many athletes are not tapping into the power of the brain and when they invest in develolping their cognitive, emotional and motivational regions of their brains they begin to truly find flow and high performance in the sporting arena. This also allows them to bust through plateaus, avoid burnout, and experience more rapid improvement in less time.

"Not only super helpful on the volleyball court, it's also very applicable to refereeing as well.

The boost to peripheral awareness and multi-target tracking makes it much easier to give confident calls and to trust what you're seeing.

Would be applicable to any sport that requires quick decision making and intense focus. Keep it up Rob!"

-- Marty Smyth, Cairns, (beach volleyball)

"Recently I attended a Mental Preparation Workshop with Rob, one of the techniques Rob discussed was to use mental triggers, I just competed in my first powerlifting comp and was so nervous, I decided to try calm myself and prepare mentally by using the my triggers I learnt with Rob.

I used my trigger before every lift and I have to thank Rob for teaching us that little trick! It helped me stay focused and assisted me with every lift!

I walked away with two new PB's and a good total for my first comp! Thanks heaps Rob

Abi Gardiner, Cairns, (personal trainer)

"The experience for my daughter using the NeuroTracker has been invaluable.

Her improvement both on the sporting field, and in her concentration in her schooling, has been amazing.

Couldn't recommend Rob any more!"

-- Sharni Dowling, Cairns, (hockey)

From working with 100's of athletes since 2013, I've found the top four challenges are:

1. Unable to maintain focus and concentration

2. Unable to maintain composure

3. Unable to maintain drive

4. Unable to bounceback from setbacks

"Flow" is the state where we feel at our best and perform at our best and yet when we fail to train our focus, lack composure, experience low drive and lack resilience then our ability to get in the zone of flow severely diminishes.

When our clients optimise these four elements of peak performance they:

1. Make better decisions in the heat of the moment

2. Can remain mindful and calm despite the score board or opponent

3. Remain goal and outcome oriented

4. Feel fresher, more energetic and fulfilled in their sport.


"My 12 year old daughter has been doing cognitive training with Rob for almost two years and it is honestly the absolute best thing we did for her.

We started it because she was embarking on competitive sport and we thought it would help increase her focus and performance on the court, but it did in fact do so much more. She grew cognitively, emotionally and physically during her time with Rob.

Her confidence doubled and the improvement in her game was obvious. Rob takes a vested interest in his clients and even came along to a couple of her games to watch her in action and then brought that into her training with him. Thank you Rob for all you have done and for all you do for our girl.

She thinks you are awesome and we, her parents, couldn't agree more. Keep up the great work!"

-- Angelina Mortley, Cairns, (parent, basketball)

"I have been training with Rob for a few months now and it has improved my game a lot!

I'm a goalkeeper and awareness is key not only for the shot stopping side but also for the distribution side as well!

This training has increased both of those aspects of my game.

I am seeing the ball a lot better and I am spotting gaps in play before they open, my reaction time has also become a lot better!

Great for any sport and any age, really worth looking into if you want to improve as an athlete.

Joshy Wilson, Cairns, (current NCAA soccer goalkeeper)

"I'm a golfer with very high set goals for my professional career, however, earlier in the year I had been struggling with my mental game. I found it really hard to maintain the level of focus required to play a good round of golf.

I have been working with Rob for about 3 months now and in that time I have personally experienced my focus on and off the course increase exponentially! What Rob has to offer is truly awesome and I would recommend everyone try it!

Big thanks to Rob for my recent success with the FNQ team in the Twin Cities Challenge played against NQ.

Without Rob's professional guidance this would not have been possible for me.

Joshua Barr, Atherton, (golf)

A Brain Room plan for everyone.

Three simple ways to get started today.

Starter $50/week

1 x 30 minute Brain Room training sessions per week

60 minute intake assessment session

Training on the three Brain Room elements of Focus, Composure & Drive

Driven $100/week

2 x 30 minute Brain Room training sessions per week

90 minute intake assessment session

Training on the three Brain Room elements of Focus, Composure & Drive

1 x  60 minute performance psychology coaching session per month

All In $200/week

4 x 30 minute Brain Room training sessions per week

120 minute intake assessment session

Training on the three Brain Room elements of Focus, Composure & Drive

1 x  90 minute performance psychology coaching session per month

All plans are minimum 3 month terms.

As you can see from our client's comments we are the real deal.

To get started schedule a free meet and greet interview.

Or call me on my mobile : +61405245608

“I met Rob 12 months ago when he first started presenting his program to people around Cairns. As soon as I had my first sessions I knew what gold Rob had in his hands for athletes around Cairns. 

As an athlete who has highly represented various teams and individual sports, I know the benefit of being ahead of the game from a cognitive point of view as everyone else’s physical performance is just as good as yours. 

→ Enhance your peripheral vision to make more informed decisions with more visual information

→ Enhance your decision making processes through speedy cognitive ability

→ Enhance your concentration to track multiple people moving in your field of view

→ Enhance your ability to read game play through all the above mentioned attributes that will be enhanced. 

Rob’s program IS that competitive edge. 

-- Scott Payne, Cairns (Exercise Physiologist)